In developed economics, corporate mergers and amalgamations are a regular feature where hundreds of mergers take place every day. In 1988, there were only 15 mergers whereas in 1998 there were over 500 mergers. Corporate takeovers in India were started by Swaraj Paul when he tried to take over Escorts. The amount so available from the reduction or waiver of liabilities is utilised to write off the fictitious or overvalued assets and accumulated losses. Financial restructuring can help a firm to revive from the situation of financial distress without going into liquidation. Business strategy is a set of guidelines that sets out how a business should operate and how decisions should be made with regards to achieving its goals.

In the case of mergers and acquisitions the firm has to deal with the shareholders of the other firms. But, in-case of financial restructuring, it has to deal primarily with its own stakeholders. Financial restructuring can however be adopted by only those firms which are in financial distress at present but hold a prospect for better performance after the restructuring process is completed. On 17th May 2007 the board of directors of Bajaj Auto Limited approved a scheme of demerger of the automobile and financial services ltd. The automobile sector of Bajaj was its core competency hence they thought that the demerger will allow Bajaj Auto limited to concentrate and raise more capital for its core business. The existing shareholders of the Company were issued one share each of the new Bajaj Autoand Bajaj Finserv for each share held in the erstwhile Bajaj Auto.

  • Such a buy-out usually offers a better bargain because of the inside information available to the management.
  • It has also located a private investor who is ready to invest Rs. 24 lakh in the equity if this project.
  • To try and match the success of Apple, Satya installed a new collaborative mentality at the company that cut out competition between the company’s departments.
  • Essar Steel is a privately held enterprise of the Ruia family in India.
  • Finally, to draw inferences from past case studies and conclude on the impact of restructuring on business performance.

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What is Organizational Restructuring?

These are why they are with you, what you expect from them and how to get things done right. You can hold a seminar on the new direction that your company is going and clearly put forward the new strategies. After you have carefully laid out the org chart, you must redesign the roles and responsibilities as per the new strategy. You can also compare the new job roles to old ones to understand similarities and differences in them. The business world is and always will be a dynamic environment.

capital restructuring is defined as altering the of a firm

A firm may take such a decision to concentrate on its core business activities by selling non-core business. A leveraged buy-out may be defined as the acquisition or buy-out of ownership financed largely of debt. In a leveraged buyout transaction, a firm will take on significant leverage to finance the acquisition.

What does one mean by Corporate Restructuring?

There are tradeoffs firms have to make when they decide whether to use debt or equity to finance operations, and managers will balance the two to find the optimal capital structure. Esupportkpo explains – that the Company must have a strong and clear understanding of the underlying objective of corporate restructuring. The authors describes various situations in which a restructuring may be necessary such as – expansion of business, cost reduction, tax benefits of merging companies, improving debt-equity ratio, etc. A debt restructuring is especially suitable when a Company suffers from cash flow problems or struggles to service interest payments / debt repayments. Debt restructuring is relatively less expensive than a bankruptcy protection.

  • Another important aspect of the bankruptcy procedures involves what to do with the failing firm.
  • Research shows that as a company enters the final stage prior to failure – a pattern may develop in terms of – changing financial ratios which prove to be useful indicators of an impending disaster.
  • An organization structure defines the job roles, scope, responsibilities of the employees.
  • Before undergoing capital restructuring, the business should assess its current capital structure to determine if there is truly a need for structural change.

Debt restructuring is taken out by companies that are at risk of not being able to meet the payment deadlines set by their creditors. By changing the way that their debt is organised, they can come to an agreement that is beneficial for both parties. If the debt/equity ratio fluctuates within a targeted or planned range, such changes in the capital structure do not amount to ‘capital restructuring’. In an organic growth strategy, there is change in the business model, along with management styles, financial structure etc.


Attorneys on UpCounsel come from prestigious law schools like Yale Law and Harvard Law and usually have 14 years of legal experience, including work on behalf of or with companies like Airbnb, Menlo Ventures, and Google. Restructuring can be done in 1 bucks meaning situations where a business has trouble paying its debts. Capital restructuring will help adjust and consolidate the terms of the debt, creating a way to settle its bondholders. The business does this by selling off its assets or cutting costs.

  • Suffers from diminishing returns and should be considered only after careful analysis.
  • Financial restructuring is a mode of restructuring a firm that has gone into financial distress and which has huge accumulated losses, overvalued or fictitious assets and negligible or negative net worth.
  • The under mentioned causes result is increased number of corporate failures.
  • When a company is having trouble making payments on its debt, it will often consolidate and adjust the terms of the debt in a debt restructuring, creating a way to pay off bondholders.

Based on these scenarios, there are also many types of restructuring that you can examine to best suit your needs. While the industry giants may have the resources to stay afloat, every business may not. In times like such, a company may shift focus and go through a restructuring process to remain in business.

Financial Restructuring of a Firm

If done properly, the restructuring can improve the business’s reputation in the marketplace, prompting prospective, current, and former customers to consume more of its goods and services. In essence, capital restructuring is done to change a company’s holdings and finances. The goal is for the business to achieve its objectives while operating more efficiently.

The next stage is data collection which will include sources such as annual report of Companies before and after restructuring, stock market information and other published data. The Company ran into deep financial trouble and was unable to service its debt and interest burden. Slatter argues that aggressive reduction of cost and assets is difficult due to the resistance to take such action. Companies enter various phases in their life cycle – from periods of high growth, to periods of stability which require Companies to sustain certain level of operations; and to periods of economic hardship. Suffers from diminishing returns and should be considered only after careful analysis. Companies enter various phases in their life cycle – from high growth periods, to periods of stability and the need to sustain certain level of operations and periods of economic hardship.

In response they are forced to change their strategic framework. If on the other hand the difficulties are believed to be insurmountable, then liquidation will take place either by assignments of assets to an independent party for liquidation or by formal bankruptcy proceedings. In Altman’s initial study of 33 bankrupt companies, Z-scores for 95 % of these companies pointed to trouble or imminent bankruptcy. The Z-score was developed from an analysis of 33 – Bankrupt manufacturing companies with average assets of $6.4 million, and, as controls, another 33 companies with assets between $1 million and $25 million.

Understanding Restructuring

Debt restructuring can be done based on different circumstances of the companies. It has also located a private investor who is ready to invest Rs. 24 lakh in the equity if this project. Thus, the Food division of MML is acquired by an independent company run by the four key executives, which is funded through debt to the tune of Rs. 170 lakh and equity participation of Rs. 30 lakh. Most of the scandals surfacing these days point to the gaps and voids in fair and ethical corporate governance.

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